Protection From Waterborne Cysts, Bacteria & Viruses

The RainSoft RCUV Series system reduces some of the most common microorganisms found in water without the use of chemicals.

In RainSoft RCUV Series water disinfection systems, an ultraviolet lamp is centered within a protective quartz sleeve in the unit’s precisely engineered and polished stainless steel disinfection chamber. This ensures the even distribution of UV energy to all water passing through the unit. Microorganisms are bombarded with a lethal dose of UV light, destroying bacteria and inactivating many viruses. Ultraviolet disinfection provides many of the same benefits as distillation without removing beneficial minerals from the water. UV disinfects water using high-intensity light energy. Unlike chemicals, it does not leave unwanted residuals or by-products in the water. Since there are no chemicals, UV does not affect the taste, odor, or clarity of the water. For this reason, UV is often combined with other water treatment devices such as carbon filters, water conditioners, and reverse osmosis to provide complete water quality solutions. Incoming water to the ultraviolet disinfection system should be filtered to a minimum of 5 microns.

Step-By-Step: How Does It Work

Installation & Water Entry

The RCUV water disinfection unit is installed in your home’s main water line. Water enters the unit and passes into the stainless steel UV light chamber.

UV Light Exposure

The water passes under an ultraviolet lamp that’s centered within a protective quartz sleeve inside the chamber, which is precisely engineered to evenly distribute the UV energy.

Effective Disinfection

Waterborne microbes receive short but lethal blasts of UV light, which destroy bacteria and render many viruses harmless. The disinfected water exits the unit, ready for use throughout the home.

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Mike Groff
Mike Groff
11:44 23 Jul 22
Excellent service from top to bottom. The technician was... very attention to detail on every aspect of the service. Made sure everything was done correctly and well worth the time. Thank you very much Mike more
Steve McHale
Steve McHale
19:15 06 Oct 20
PA Water and Energy is a great service company. They moved... my Rain Soft system to my new home from my old one. The connections are perfect and The service man Brian was very professional and did super clean work! A++read more